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08/05/2013 12:46
Its dandelion season once more, this year try utilizing the amazing little plant. While digging them out of your garden, or even your lawn, don't throw them out. Take a knife and cut the roots off for a coffee substitute and the leaves and flowers for tea. Unless you have dogs then you might just...


23/03/2013 17:02
Losts of things can be used as a fertlizer, my knew favourite one is kelp. I enjoy a kelp snack for myself but I bought a powder I dont really like and isn't the best food adative. Then I found some information on kep in the garden and a little really does go a long way. Kelp is one of the super...


23/03/2013 16:48
Seveal years back I bought a $4 kitty litter box for picking cherries, between harvesting I use it to mix bread. The sides keep liquid and flour well contained whether its the mixing or kneeding stage of your dough. And clean up is simpler because theres 1 dish to wash inside of sevral plus the...

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22/03/2013 19:48
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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22/03/2013 19:48
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22/03/2013 15:17
While you’re at the grocery store grab an orange. I like to find one with a nice thick skin. Wash and scrub the orange then rind the skin and place in the coffee basket. Or after you've consumed your orange save the skin and chop it into small chunks. Fix and garnish as you like. Orange oil is...


22/03/2013 14:54
Paper egg trays work great for starting seeds. When it comes to planting you can put the whole try into the ground.


22/03/2013 14:54
Garlic can do some pretty amazing things and one of them is keeping bugs off you and out of the yard. What you'll need is a large spray bottle a kettle a large jar with a lid water 2 cloves of garlic strainer and something to mash the garlic with. Cut, mince or crush the garlic, put it in the jar....


22/03/2013 14:50
Every wonder what really is in carpet deodorizer? Have allergies to chemicals? Fear no longer. Easy carpet deodorizer recipe. You'll need a spoon, a bowl a measuring cup a jar with a lid 1 cup of baking soda and 50 drops of essential oil (any of your choosing or mix, a good one is 16 drops of...
Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are great funtional decore. The bottom is drilled out to fit a light bulb with a cord and then glued to a wooden base. Not only are these a neat piece and make a great night light glow, they clean your air! The air in the room has been likened to the feeling of being in...
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