22/03/2013 13:21

If you're gluten free or use apple cider vinegar for its magical properties you can go through a lot of it. Any idea how easy it really is to make it? Find yourself cheese cloth, a large dish or the biggest jar you can (tip hit a restaurant and ask if you can have their large hot pepper jar when its empty), string or a large rubber band that will fit the top of your container, save cores and peels from apples or get 8-10 apple and chop into hash. Leave out your craps to turn brown then put then in your container and top up with water. If you want you can add more apple pieces for a couple of days, but don't forget to leave room if you will. Cover with the cheese cloth and secure. Now store in a dark place. After a few days you'll notice something happening, the contents will thicken, bubble and there will be a floating grey scum. At this point you no longer can add any more apple pieces, leave to for a month to ferment. Mark this date on your calender as taste testing day. If you like it's strength strain and bottle it, if you want it stronger leave it sit longer. You'll notice cloudiness and some sediment, not to worry, this is what they mean when they say "with the mother". If it really bothers you, you can use a paper coffee filter and strain it out.